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Sule and The Case of the Tiny Sparks

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This animated project was created for the Nelson Mandela Foundation via Tribeca and centers around a ten year old African proverb detective named Sule who helps a young girl learn the meaning of - Great Fires Erupt fr...

Rite of Passage

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What task awaits a youth in his ascension to adulthood? Entitled 'ETUTU IGBA ATI AKOKO', in the Language of Yoruba which means Rite of passage.

The Blessed Curse

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This is a take on Free Will Vs Determinism. Free Will or Determinism, what are we driven by? from Thierno Diallo

Mwansa the Great

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The powerful imagination of young Mwansa transforms his toy car into an actual vehicle and his mission for “magic mud” into a very real adventure. In leading a pack of kids on a quest for this magic substance, the boy...

Static Shock – S01E11 – Junior

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Angered that his father ignores him, Edwin Alva's son applies his vast scientific knowledge to manipulate the properties of the Big Bang gas. He turns himself into a multipowered being so he can destroy Alva's busines...

Static Shock – S01E10 – Bent Out of Shape

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Sharon's new boyfriend, a musician, is revealed to be Static's old nemesis Rubberband Man, who recently escaped from prison. This time, Rubberband Man will stop at nothing to reveal Static's secret identity, and with ...

Static Shock – S01E09 – Winds Of Change

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Richie resents Virgil's blossoming friendship with Daisy, and Virgil is annoyed at Richie's constant interference of Static's activities. These resentments strain their friendship. At the same time, Static must battle...

Static Shock – S01E08 – Sons Of the Father

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Virgil pressures a reluctant Richie to invite him to a sleepover, only to learn that Richie's father is a stubborn bigot. An embarrassed Richie runs away and is abducted by Static's archenemy Ebon. Virgil's father, ...

Static Shock – S01E07 – Child’s Play

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Eight-year-old Dwayne McCall, who has the power to make anything his young mind can imagine, is being manipulated by his evil older brother, Aron. Aron wants to use Dwayne's powers for his own gain. Static must prove ...

Static Shock – S01E06 – The New Kid

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Science whiz Virgil is sent to a school for gifted students, which is funded by billionaire Edwin Alva. There, Virgil works on a fantastic robotics project, not realizing that the robot is a sentry specifically design...

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