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Static Shock – S01E05 – They’re Playing My Song

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Rubberband Man, an angry young teenager with the power to stretch his body into any shape, seeks vengeance against the corrupt record producer who cheated him out of profits for a hit song. Static gets involved when t...

Static Shock – S01E04 – Grounded

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Static encounters a giant, wormlike organism that was created by the Big Bang, which somehow works its way inside Virgil's school after hours and endangers many students--including Richie and Frieda--who are writing a...

Static Shock – S01E03 – The Breed

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Virgil's friend Derek, a track athlete, is transformed into an ionic-energy being. Ebon, the malevolent leader of the Meta-Breed tries to recruit him, but Static must convince his friend to resist joining the group--b...

Static Shock – S01E02 – Aftershock

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Static learns that the person responsible for the Big Bang is Edwin Alva, the city's philanthropic billionaire businessman. But Static's efforts to gain evidence are hampered by Hotstreak, the bully who used to harass...

Static Shock – S01E01 – Shock To The System

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Fifteen-year-old Virgil Hawkins, harassed at school by a dangerous bully, is transformed by a powerful gas mutagen into a master of electromagnetic energy and decides to use his powers for good ... as a superhero.

Stop Mo Dino

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This is a film student's film. Ben HolBrook found a pack of modeling clay in his room and took it to a friend's house. On a whim he decided to make this dinosaur and see if he could bring him to life.

MicMac Lane

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A hand drawn animation depicting the fluidity of basketball.

More Than A Vice-Principal

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Reginald Guy, a ninth grader at Eastern Senior High School, interviews his Vice-Principal Ms. McDuffey.

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