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Captain T&T

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Six year old “Thin Foot” strives to become the hero of his own life. Starring: Kden Hee Chung, Blair Cameron, Sherwin Marcelle, Lucille Poon Kwong, Arlene Simon, Jabari Mcqueen, Niall Royal, Runty Magic, Rizario St C...

James Baldwin and Dick Gregory: “Baldwin’s Nigger” (1969)

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A 1969 conversation with writer James Baldwin and Dick Gregory in London about the black experience in America and how it relates to the Caribbean and Great Britain. Directed by Horace Ové. http://malcolmxfiles.blogs...

Delmas 54

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Haitian and Dominican youth work together to improve conditions in a Port au Prince camp. Produced by Michele Stephenson. Edited by Fritz Archer. Cinematography by Garland McLaurin.

The History of Croix des Boquets

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A young artisan named Jean-Eddy walks us through the streets and history of Croix des Boquets, it's historic name and artistic claim to fame. Story and edit by Sabrina Gordon. Produced by Michele Stephenson. Cinematog...

Blessed Augustin

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Geraldine Augustin, a young medical student, treats injured survivors while coping with her own devastating loss. Produced by Michele Stephenson. Story and edit by Sabrina Gordon. Cinematography by Garland McLaurin.

Conch Salad TV: Eleuthera Pineapple

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Find out why Eleuthera Pineapples are famous round the world. Best pineapples in the Bahamas! Meet famous farmer Lady Di. Also get a pineapple upside down cake recipe.

Conch Salad TV: Turtle Teaser

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Don't just swim with a turtle, BE a turtle. Shot with a GoPro on a turtles back for an upcoming web doc about turtles. The video is being created by Bahamian high school student James Boyce who won a contest promoted ...

Conch Salad TV: Hurricane Irene from Elbow Cay

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Some shots around the house where we are, the surrounding bush, and driving around when it let up a bit for the eye wall and then picked up again.

Conch Salad TV: What’s So Great About Turtles?

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Bahamian high school student James Boyce relates what he loves about turltes. Features stunning original footage and interviews with local fishermen.

Conch Salad TV: Caves of the Bahamas

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