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Sports Dads

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"Sports Dads" hosted by Hall of Famer and father of five, Deion Sanders peers into the lives of parents who are training their kids to become sports prodigies. Subscribe here: This show gives v...


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Truth episode 1, "Focus".  Hall of Famer Deion Sanders shares his insight on how to maintain FOCUS on your goals through the hard times. Subscribe here: Connect with Alright TV: Visit the Alrig...

11-Year-Old Minister Delivers Riveting Sermon

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In this episode of PRODIGIES +, watch eleven-year-old Minister Ezekiel Stoddard deliver the sermon to his congregation. Minister Ezekiel will surprise and mesmerize you with the maturity of his delivery and the convic...

The Story Of Oshun & Ogun

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"The Story Of Oshun & Ogun" is a 4 minute 3D animation pilot telling the West African, Yoruba based fable of how little Oshun, who represents love, seduction and sweetness, brought the powerful Ogun, entity of iron, m...

Ezekiel Stoddard – Can This 11-Year-Old Save Your Soul?

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In this special episode, PRODIGIES takes you inside the rarely seen world of a modern-day child preacher. Eleven-year-old Ezekiel Stoddard is an ordained minister with unshakeable faith and extraordinary charisma. Hea...

Malian African Dance Ceremony: Real Earl Productions

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This video shot for a Bamako, Mali mural documentary. This video was shot while hiking the hillside above the Sikoro neighborhood in Bamako. Part of the purpose of this ceremony was to rid an evil spirit from one of t...

Cassius: The Young Muhammad Ali

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This 13 minutes documentary focuses on the early life of the young boxing legend Muhammad Ali, from his humble beginnings in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A., to being crowned the Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Cuban Yoruba Dancers

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Cuban Yoruba dancers, dancing at the 2008 Caribbean Festival in Santiago, Cuba.

A Good Catholic Girl

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Raised in a strict Muslim family, Amina finds love in the arms of Brian, a Catholic carpenter in her hometown. Amina’s father, however, desperately wants her to marry the family butcher, leading to controversy and out...

Tinye So

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An overwhelming influx of foreign ideas in a Malian town has widened the divide between the younger and older generations. Ayoub, an elder man who represents traditional Bambara culture, struggles to revive the spirit...

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