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Cassius: The Young Muhammad Ali

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This 13 minutes documentary focuses on the early life of the young boxing legend Muhammad Ali, from his humble beginnings in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A., to being crowned the Heavyweight Champion of the World.

A Good Catholic Girl

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Raised in a strict Muslim family, Amina finds love in the arms of Brian, a Catholic carpenter in her hometown. Amina’s father, however, desperately wants her to marry the family butcher, leading to controversy and out...

Omar Regan Stand Up Comedy at YM Youth Conference

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Omar Regan's Stand up Comedy at the YM Youth Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ask A Muslim S01E01 – Burqas and Beards

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This week we answer why Muslim men have large beards, wear “dresses”, and why Muslim women wear all those clothes and sometimes even cover their faces.

Ask A Muslim S01E02 – Law and Order

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Is there such a thing as a “fake Muslim”? Why does it seem like young black men always find Islam in prison? And what is Sharia law, really? Our panel of black Muslim voices take on these questions this week with ligh...

Ask A Muslim S01E03 – Belief

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What do Muslims believe? What’s Ramadan & why do Muslims fast? What are the Muslim Holy Days & what do they do on those days?

Ask A Muslim S01E04 – Revelation

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What’s the Muslim Holy Book? Do Muslims believe the Qur’an came from the sky? Why are Muslim women not allowed in mosques?

Ask A Muslim S01E05 – Big Muslim Love

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Tune in to find out why Muslim men can really have up to four wives! Also, Do Muslims believe in love?

Hollywood to Hajj

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Omar Regan speaks on how he kept his integrity when Hollywood constantly tested his beliefs.

Ask A Muslim S01E06 – 9/11

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How has Muslim culture changed in the U.S. since 9/11? Is it hard to practice Islam in America? Do you feel discriminated against in the airport?